The Fish Farm

Dee double checking the fish

Top quality fish

All fish offered for sale have undergone precautionary treatments against disease and stringent parasite checks to ensure a top quality product reaches the customer.

The farm sells a variety of goldfish and standard grade koi from small to large. A number of select grade koi are also grown on annually for sale. We supply wholesalers, retailers and private individuals.

Sales – the process:

These are done on a “first come, first served basis” and we sell and deliver every two weeks. Sales are done telephonically or by email and we encourage all customers to get their orders to us by Monday mornings at the latest. Fish are normally packed and dispatched on Wednesdays. As we are a working farm, if you want to collect your fish personally, please ensure you phone us for an appointment beforehand.

Lucas packing fish

Despatch of fish

Goldfish/koi are packed into double plastic bags with water and oxygen – these go into boxes and are sent by air freight arriving the same day or overnight for collection early the next morning, or by overnight road freight for delivery to you before 10:00/11:00 a.m. the following day.

The following varieties are offered for sale, subject to availability:

  • Goldfish
    • Black Moor Fantails/Nymphs
    • Red Fantails
    • White Fantails
    • Redcap Fantails/Nymphs
    • Sarassa Fantails
    • Calico Fantails
    • Telescopic Fantails/Nymphs
    • Bronze Fantails/Nymphs
    • Assorted Nymphs
    • Assorted Comets
    • Sarassa Comets
    • Shubunkins
    • Bronze Comets
  • Koi:
    • Sold from 6-7cm up to 30 cm or larger.
    • Select Grade Koi are offered for sale as and when available.
    • Our Koi have been certified KHV free.

SB doing a check


These are made directly into our bank account by the customer prior to the order being dispatched.

Please phone or email us for a current price list.